Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer My Foot!

I'm not sure who came up with that little quip, but I don't think I agree.  My last half day of work for the school year was June 1st.  Since then I've had two doctor's appointments (because I refuse to schedule those checkups during the school year and take time off), had to get estimates on the truck from where I was rear ended, had a huge yard sale, gone and worked in my classroom twice already, tried to organize the house (only to have to move everything out when we finally start getting storm damage repaired), gotten the roof replaced, gone to an inservice for the new math curriculum, been to Dollywood, and cleaned out part of the basement.  Oh, and I potty trained an almost 3 year old!!!  I need to relax!  Haha!

Actually, I wouldn't have things any other way.  I tend to overbook myself in summer, but I get to do so much more with Wheeler.  I took him to Dollywood with my sis and nephews.  We always have a ball and will go back a few more times this summer.  When the roofers were here it was a great learning experience for Wheeler.  He got to learn about the generator they use, and he got to see all the hard work.  When getting ready for the yard sale I talked to him about Dave Ramsey and how Dave says even the kids should be scared that they are for sale!!! LOL!!!   He goes shopping with me and holds the coupons (well, the ones I'm not using!) We talk about things we need and things we want.

We still have quite a bit more to do this summer, including celebrating the marriage of two different cousins, more Dollywood, more water time, we are going to the World's Fair Park for a picnic and to play, another yard sale, more days working in my classroom, more learning opportunities during shopping trips, and celebrating five years of marriage to an amazing man.

I'll take my busy overbooked summer any year!