Saturday, October 22, 2011

We've Been Busy

Long time, no blog again!  I've thought about it several time, but work and the boy are keeping me busy!

We went to Dollywood earlier this month.  Wheeler always loves to go there.
Love him!

On the obstacle course.
With mom.

With mom again.

Then the next weekend we met some friends at the pumpkin farm in Sevierville.

With my new friend!

Here we are again!

After the pumpkin farm that day, we went to Cherokee and Wheeler saw his first concert.....Charlie Daniels.  He wasn't too impressed......

On the way to Cherokee on this afternoon, we saw a mamma bear and her cub in a tree.  I tried to get pictures, but you can't really see the bears.  Wheeler and I got out of the truck and stood under the limb momma was on.  It was a little frightening to me.  Wheeler loved it!

We went to Oaks farm with Daddy the next weekend and had a ball!


I loved jumping!  Mommy got on, too, but those pictures won't be posted!!  haha

The rabbit was soft.

Finding the perfect pumpkin!

In a field of pumpkins....aka....pumpkin heaven.

A Wheeler sized pumpkin.

Riding back with daddy.

Just hanging out and exploring.

We had game night last week, and since Sophie was sick and couldn't come, Wheeler entertained himself.....

He said he was in his car driving.

And this one just cracks me up..........

I love John, and all he does and tries to do for us!  Notice what he's trying to teach
Wheeler.......including the square root sign!