Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in Review (Part 3!)

Onward to fall.  Usually we go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins, to the circus, and to the mountains.  Again, none of these activities took place.  I felt so guilty all fall.  These are things we all look forward to as a family and I felt I was letting my family down by not feeling up to doing them.  I wasn't as tired as I had been in the first two trimesters but I still had the heartburn, and I spent a lot of extra time at school trying to keep and get ahead for when I was off on leave. 

Here are the highlights.

My beautiful sister, with the help of our family gave me a wonderful shower to help welcome Caroline to the world.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

My boy did a lot of playing outside this fall.

This picture was taken toward the middle of October and made me realize how big I was getting.

He also loves to go to the play areas at the mall on cold or rainy days!

My work family threw a shower as well.

Gymnastics at Tumble Bears on Thursday!


More outside playtime with the neighbor.

Thanksgiving with family. We are so blessed.

I kind of wish we had a picture from shopping on Black Friday.  Kelli and I had decided that with me being almost 38 weeks pregnant that it may be best if we did our own thing at our own pace this year instead of being out with the cousins ALL NIGHT LONG!  Well,  I ended up going with them to Walmart at 8:00 and Kelli dropped me back off at 4:30 in the morning.  We had a ball, as usual, and I got a TON of funny looks and comments such as "are you going to have that baby tonight!"  I may have been exhausted but I am so glad I went.  This has become a yearly tradition that I look forward to and save for all year long.

I think I've caught up!  Well, sort of.  I plan for the next few posts to be about Caroline's birth and Christmas.  Stay tuned if you're nosy enough! (LOL, just kidding!)

Year in Review (Part 2!)

So I am up to summer.  Honestly, I am always happy to see the end of a school year and summer break begin, but this year more so than any other.  I was about 11 weeks pregnant at the end of the school year and I was exhausted and nauseous.  I would literally come home from work and go to bed and sleep until John would make me get up to eat something then go back to bed til morning.  I was tired when in the first trimester when pregnant with Wheeler, but this could not compare.  On top of that I was nauseous from the time I would get up until I went to bed.  This lasted until the second or so week of July, and then the heartburn kicked in!  I'm telling you, even the thought of drinking water sent the heartburn skyrocketing!

Needless to say we didn't do near as much this past summer as we usually do.  I really feel bad about that for Wheeler, however, he doesn't seem to mind, nor remember, and and I know next summer will be better (and all the sickness and downtime this past summer was definitely well worth it!)

Wheeler and Daddy spend lots of time at the library.  The imagination movers from Dollywood came one day and read stories.

Playing with cousins!

Daddy set up the tent in the backyard and boys camped out one night.  Wheeler loved it.  This picture was taken in the dark.  I couldn't see him and just aimed and clicked.  I love it!

We went to the Fourth of July Fireworks downtown.

Wheeler went to VBS at New Hopewell and loved it.  We stayed for the festivities after the program on Sunday night.  I'm not including any pics from the program because there are other kids in all the pictures and I try to be careful about not putting pics of other peoples kids on the blog if I don't know them.
With Mamaw Lois

We made it to the World's Fair Park once to play in the fountains and at the park.  He loves going here and it's good, free fun.  We took a picnic lunch and spent several hours there.

We spent more time with cousins.

Mom at a Pinterest Party.  She has a Wedding/Party Planning business, A Joyous Affair.  I can hook you up if you need an awesome planner!

Like I said, summer flew by for me.  I slept through most of it!  The few things we did as a family, we had fun.  Stayed tuned for fall!

Year in Review (Part 1!)

So I have not been the blogger I had aspired to be.  I did the April Challenge to post each day, then I fell off the face of the earth.  This post may WILL be done in multiple parts since it will be picture heavy and I don't want you mentally cussing me that the single post won't load because of them.

I will pick up at the end of April and move through the year's highlights.

My little guy loves Dollywood and back in April we went before the morning sickness hit too hard.  Unfortunately we didn't really get to go but a couple times this year because I felt so bad during so much of the pregnancy (maybe I will do a separate post on that.)

With Dad at Dollywood

At the end of April my school had a Spring Carnival and we took Wheeler. He loved it!

Playing in the bounce house.
Cheesing with Mom!

Playing a game.
In the firetruck.

More game playing.

In May Daniel turned 6 (how is that!?!  Where did the time go!?)  I made him a monster truck cake.  While he loved it, I wish I hadn't been so nauseous because I know I could have done better!  Looking back, I don't think I liked my fingers once during the making of this cake! LOL

Opening gifts!

In May I was also asked to make a cake by my cousin.  I had to watch an episode of Phineus and Ferb to find out how to make this guy!

Not too bad, I guess.
Side view.

And Daniel graduated Kindergarten!  They did a cute little program.

With Grammy after performing.

Wheeler with Papa Allen after Daniel sang and danced his heart.

Overall, the Spring seemed to fly by!  We didn't do as much as we usually do in the spring, or if we did I just don't remember it now.  

I will leave you with this and start working on another post.