Monday, July 2, 2012


This pregnancy has been so much fun with our almost four year old!  He says the cutest things.

Wheeler can't wait to be a big brother.  We started talking to him about being a big brother long before this little one was in existence.  We were afraid to tell him too early because if something were to happen he would be heartbroken, however, we knew if we didn't tell him and something happened, he would know that mommy and daddy were very upset and then how would we explain things?  We decided after the first doctor appointment, at seven weeks, to tell him.

For the most part, Wheeler is convinced this baby is a sister.  When asked if he would be upset with having a baby brother he just says something like "well, no, but when my baby sister gets here....."

He has named the baby chicken little.  He is chicken big.  

A couple weeks ago I told him that in a few weeks he would be able to feel the baby kick by touching mommy's belly.  He immediately put his hand on my belly and hollered "kick me, baby!"

In the morning, Wheeler comes up to my belly and asks "did you sleep good baby?"  Then in a high pitched voice he will answer himself " yes, did you sleep good Wheeler?"  He answers the baby and then asks "what did you dream about baby?"  In his high pitched voice he answers "about space and animals."

I'm sure there will be more Wheelerisms in the next few months.  As I said before, he is so fun.  And he is so excited.