Saturday, August 31, 2013

Showing a little love

I felt like showing a little love tonight.

What I'm loving right now:

that my daughter has been sleeping through the night, finally (praises!!!!)

my first grade class, they are so smart, so caring, and overall a really sweet group of kiddos.

hearing the rain hit the windows as I type.  It's thundering and lightning as well.  I love hearing a storm at night.

that as chaotic as my life seems right now, God is in control.  I just need to remember to relinquish the reigns more.

that my little guy is loving Kindergarten and his teacher.

That my husband made it home safely in this storm.

Have a great weekend friends.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The End of Summer Craziness

So I was doing great all summer at keeping this little blog updated, and them bam!  The end of summer hit.  I did great at the beginning of summer making plans for all we were going to do.  The last minute call to teach summer school in June didn't even throw me for a loop.  However, August threw me!

Next year I know I need to plan better to get school stuff done before the end of summer.  I started the school year ten kinds of behind!!  I'm still behind (oh, wait, I'm pretty sure a teacher never actually catches up!)  Throw into the mix the sickies for all of us, and I actually started the school year a little panicked.

It was a blessing in disguise that I found out in June I needed to change classrooms.  With my awesome family's help, I accomplished that in only a day, and it only took about 6 more hours of me working to finish the set up completely.  The boys' birthday party, which you can read about here seemed to be the end of summer for us in some ways.  I think we did a few more things, I'd have to go back and look at pictures to see, but about a week later, I started trying to prepare.  Then, on August 3, sister had a cold. Within a week, I had bronchitis, daddy had pneumonia, sister and a sinus infection, and brother also had a cold.  That was not a fun week.  Add in TRYING to work from home for me, daddy trying to finish two online classes, brother's actual birthday, and the fact that sister STILL wasn't sleeping through the night and her nights were getting worse, and I was a zombie.

I plan to not neglect this blog over the course of the school year.  Here's hoping I can stick to my plan.

(And yes, the kids are calling each other brother and sister!  Actually, it's most often Brother Bear and Sister Bear.)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Time for another link up with Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade!  I've been slacking again on Pinterest, but we've been having so much fun this summer that time is slipping away!  I've really been hitting the back to school boards, though.  We have adopted a new reading series this year, and I've got to get a move on with planning for it!

I pinned this idea by First Grade Fabulous Fish to help students with vocabulary.

These look so yummy.  And peanut butter and cocoa?  How could that be wrong?  From Smart Food and Fit I want to try these PB protein balls.  They will make a great, quick go-to snack for those first few days of school.  

A sweet friend who owns the Etsy Shop LucyBellCrafts makes these canvases and I want to get one with both the kids stats.

And in my quest to be healthier (notice I said quest, I'm definitely working on this!)  I found this quinoa salad.  I love quinoa and this looks delicious! From Triplantstrong I found a recipe for California Quinoa Salad.

Now it's off to mark another item off our Summer Bucket List before summer is gone!