Monday, December 30, 2013

Catching up- October

So I was determined to make October fun!  We waited out the first couple of weeks, because we knew there was a possibility John would be laid off, and if we could do things with Daddy then we would wait for him.  Bless John's heart, that first weekend he was off I think I filled up!

At the beginning of the month it was beautiful out.

At a new playground we found when out one Saturday.

More birthday fun!
                                      We celebrated our cousin's birthday.

With my Papa

We carved some pumpkins.

I love this picture!

Making the same face as his pumpkin!

We did hit up a local pumpkin farm.  On recommendation from my sister, we went to Ballenger's in a neighboring county and it was FABULOUS!

About to pick our pumpkins!

We loved the slides.

We had to stay warm, it seemed it was chilly the weekend we were out and about.

It was also chilly for Boo at the Zoo!

My ninja and pumpkin

We also did some resting this month!

And this pic just because.  She is her brother's mini-me.

Like I said on the last post, I feel like I was just going through the motions.  I know Wheeler had a great time and we made wonderful memories, but I felt like I was getting farther and farther behind with work.  If I'm at home my mind is on work, if I'm working on schoolwork my mind is on my family and the time I should be spending with them.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catching Up-September

Ok, so I have been absolutely horrible at keeping this blog updated.  After being so tired and sick throughout the pregnancy last year I wanted so badly to make it up to Wheeler by doing those fun family fall outings we usually do.  We did quite a bit, however I just felt like I was going through the motions.  Don't get me wrong, I loved being with my family, but I just didn't feel it this year, like I have in the past.  This feeling has continued through the Christmas holidays.  I have had to really do some self reflection and praying over the past couple of weeks.  More about that later, though (maybe!  If I make it back to the blog for that post!)

Anyway, I am rewinding the year, and playing catch up.  September wasn't that eventful.  John was still working weekends and I was working from home most weekends until at the end of the month I had a breakdown and decided that weekends were family time, I put in enough hours during the week!

We get a four day weekend for Labor Day, so Kelli and I took the boys to the zoo.

Aren't they precious!

Do you see them?

They had been begging to ride the camel!

We also celebrated my uncles' birthday.  Yes they were born on the same day a couple years apart.

The Birthday Boys

With Grammy

I added this one just because I like it!  My aunt and cousin bought Miss C this outfit and it is the cutest! I'm sad it won't fit her next summer.  Well, actually, if she keeps growing as slow as she is it might fit!

Wheeler had career day at school and on that particular day he decided he wanted to be a doctor.  I think he's changed his mind about 50 times since then.  Thank goodness he has a little bit of time to decide!

While he was trying to decide what he wanted to be, he dressed as a cowboy!

Like I said earlier, I came to the realization at the end of September that I was starting to neglect my own kids and work was consuming me!  It's still a struggle to find the balance, especially now that I've got a child of my own at school and he can't stay late with me in the afternoons without getting rambunctious!  I love teaching, but it can't consume me to the point it was, and yet there is not enough time to do everything I HAVE to do, much less everything I need to do.  I think this has been a huge cause of the slump I've been in the last quarter of this year.  Like I said, I've been praying about this.

Hopefully I will be back with October within the next couple of days!  I spent about 3 hours watermarking all the pics over the las couple of days, I need to use them!!! HAHA