Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Weeks In!

So this is what our pantry and freezer looked like 2 weeks ago when I started my little project for this month. I have to say, so far we've done well.  I spent 45 dollars last week on milks, bread, bagels (a new addiction) and fresh produce.  I went over by five dollars, however, I stocked up on cereals and granola bars, since Kroger was having a great sale and I had some great coupons.  I haven't done the shopping for this week yet, but I think I can stay in budget.

This is what the pantry and freezer look like 2 weeks in.

It's safe to say you can see a difference!  Part of me is beginning to wonder if we'll make it just buying necessities each week!  Then I think "You're crazy!! You've got enough food here to last til spring!"

What I hate most is that we spend anywhere from $12-$16 a week on milk.  We have been trying to reintroduce cow's milk to Wheeler.  We've had success with yogurt and cheese (thank goodness!! He's really missed these!) We didn't have luck with milk, so it's almond milk for now.  I have told John I am going to have to limit his consumption of milk, though, or he's gonna have to buy a cow to put out back!

I am excited to continue this venture.  I have to admit, though, part of the reason for the excitement is that I am becoming quite addicted to coupons.  I used a good chunk of my snow day today (of course there was no snow, though!) going through my coupons, the internet coupons, and the Kroger add to figure out the best way to use them all.  I am looking forward to stocking up next month because I have a ton of Target coupons that will stack with manufacturer coupons.  I am also going to admit, I am a shopaholic!  I am not bothered by the fact that it's grocery shopping, I love it.

On a side note, I added some pics to the side, and I wanted to give credit to the fabulous photographer who took these pics, my friend Kelli B. of KelliBPhotography!

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