Monday, February 14, 2011

My Daddy

I am so blessed to tell you that this is my daddy.  He was the most wonderful, loving, caring, genuine man. Although I may have made some mistakes throughout my life, I think he raised me right (well, with help from my awesome momma!)  The hardest day of my life so far, was four years ago today, when he died.  While I know it was in God's plan, I don't like it, even to this day.  Valentine's Day will always be so bittersweet.  It's a day filled with love, for me it's a day filled with remembering my daddy's love.

There is so much that I wish he was here to experience with me.  I wish he was here to hold Wheeler, to play with him, to spoil him, as I know he would have.  I know he watches over us, though.  And Wheeler WILL know how awesome his Poppy was.  And one day, I will get to experience heaven with him.

I love you daddy, and I miss you.

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