Friday, June 7, 2013

We Have a Graduate!

It's hard to believe my little guy is off to Kindergarten this year!  It's been an agonizing decision to let him go.  One I am still agonizing over.  He has an August birthday and could go next year.  Teaching lower elementary I know how maturity plays such a big role in school success.  Academically, I am not worried.  The PDO he has been attending for the last 18 or so months has prepared him well.  People who just meet Wheeler are always telling me how smart he is.  It's the maturity.  Somedays I truly wonder if sending him this year is the right decision, but then I struggle with the academics of it.  I know he wil be bored with another year of PDO.  

Caroline with mommy, grammy, and grandma at graduation

The Graduate

My Family

I didn't register him during Kindergarten registration because I was still struggling with the decision.  When I (yes John mainly left the decision up to me) decided last month to send him, I filled out the paperwork, turned it in, and told Wheeler.  I knew once I told him that he was going to Kindergarten and going to school with mommy there would be no turning back.  He is so excited!  I love seeing the excitement in him.  He can't wait to meet his teacher, buy his school supplies, and make new friends.

I still reserve the right to change my mind, though!

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