Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday Boys

 This weekend we celebrated birthdays.  Jacob and Wheeler were born 15 days apart.  Until this year we have had separate parties for them but decided to do a joint party this year, and the boys went for it. We asked them how they each wanted their cupcake decorated.  Jacob wanted balloons and streamers and many other items.  Wheeler wanted Spiderman.  Kelli and I decided to make a big cupcake for each of the boys and serve cupcakes in lieu of cake.

The birthday boys.

Aunt Kelli brought the boys balloons.  Wheeler's was Spiderman.  Can you tell he loved it?

Mom's birthday falls between the boy's birthdays, so we made her a huge cupcake, too.

This was not the best pic, but the only one on my camera.  Sorry, mommy!

 The kids started a game of Duck Duck Goose.  This was on Wheeler's summer Bucket List.

Unfortunately when you have a double birthday party, you don't get all the pics of the kids opening gifts that you want to get.  I did not get any pics of Jacob.

Loving on Aunt Patty.

And then we swam!

The boys had a great time.  Thank you to all who were able join us.  And thank you for the boys' gifts. We love you all.

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