Sunday, September 25, 2011

In My Backyard

It's unthinkable.  We live so close to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, and we hardly ever go visit her.  The land of the blue smoke.  She's majestic and regal.  There is so much to see and do (and I'm not talking about going to Pigeon orge or Gatlinburg, but actually IN the mountains we call home.)  We had never taken Wheeler into the mountains.  We told him yesterday morning that after nap we would go to the mountains and he yelled in excitement, as if we go there all the time and he couldn't wait for another adventure.  He was so excited he didn't nap at home, but he did on the way.  When he awoke we were almost to the Alum trail.  We got out to see what we could see.

 I can't believe we don't go see this more.  Take in this beauty God gave us.

I loved this one.

We walked for a while.  We climbed rocks.

And we threw rocks!

Kids actually got quite an arm!

We looked and little creatures.

We drove on up to Newfound Gap.

Blue Smoke

And on the way down we made a few stops, one for a snack.

Today Wheeler woke up and asked if we were going to the mountains.  When we told him we weren't going back today he got pretty upset.  I then told him it was Sunday, and he was ok, since it was church day.  As soon as we got out of church he asked if we were going to the mountains.  I think he likes them.  So do we.

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