Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in Review (Part 3!)

Onward to fall.  Usually we go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins, to the circus, and to the mountains.  Again, none of these activities took place.  I felt so guilty all fall.  These are things we all look forward to as a family and I felt I was letting my family down by not feeling up to doing them.  I wasn't as tired as I had been in the first two trimesters but I still had the heartburn, and I spent a lot of extra time at school trying to keep and get ahead for when I was off on leave. 

Here are the highlights.

My beautiful sister, with the help of our family gave me a wonderful shower to help welcome Caroline to the world.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

My boy did a lot of playing outside this fall.

This picture was taken toward the middle of October and made me realize how big I was getting.

He also loves to go to the play areas at the mall on cold or rainy days!

My work family threw a shower as well.

Gymnastics at Tumble Bears on Thursday!


More outside playtime with the neighbor.

Thanksgiving with family. We are so blessed.

I kind of wish we had a picture from shopping on Black Friday.  Kelli and I had decided that with me being almost 38 weeks pregnant that it may be best if we did our own thing at our own pace this year instead of being out with the cousins ALL NIGHT LONG!  Well,  I ended up going with them to Walmart at 8:00 and Kelli dropped me back off at 4:30 in the morning.  We had a ball, as usual, and I got a TON of funny looks and comments such as "are you going to have that baby tonight!"  I may have been exhausted but I am so glad I went.  This has become a yearly tradition that I look forward to and save for all year long.

I think I've caught up!  Well, sort of.  I plan for the next few posts to be about Caroline's birth and Christmas.  Stay tuned if you're nosy enough! (LOL, just kidding!)

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