Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Day Off!

Today is only the second day this summer that we haven't had anything to do.  So here is what we did.....
We put together the train tack and played trains.

Although not too thrilled about it, he insisted mommy be in a picture.  

We made chocolate chip cookies.

He helped me mix.

 He wanted to eat his cookie in front of the refrigerator!

We also made blueberry muffins.

Fun with a paper towel tube.

We found a creature in the sandbox.

Then we found a bazillion ants on the sandbox.

And our sandbox fun was brought to an abrupt end!

All this before lunch!  I am not sure what all happened after nap.  I also took a  nap.  Daddy let me sleep (til 5!) while he and Wheeler played.  All I know for sure is that water shots (the new super soaker water guns) were involved and their clothes are strewn over the front porch.  The nap was much needed, and much appreciated!  I wish we had more days like this.

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  1. Oh, Rebecca I agree that home days with little ones are some of the very best--I can still remember our lazy summer days filled with fun activities at home--can't think about them too much or I will become sad...So glad you are enjoying every moment!