Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some of Our Summer Activities

So as I posted before, we've been busy.  I didn't even mention (as my friend Nancy pointed out! LOL) that I am finishing my Ed.S. and I'm in school this summer.  I have done homework, promise!!

Our summer began with the sweet wedding of my cousin.

We have done our fair share of time at Dollywood.

We've been to the playground.

We played in the fountains at The World's Fair Park and had a picnic afterward.

We've had fun in the backyard.

I've been trying my hand at canning and growing a small container garden.

 Mmmmm.  Strawberry jam!!  We even went and picked the strawberries!

 A bird got to our first red tomato, but I think another one is ready to pick!

 Blueberries....for the fun of it!

Peppers!  Yum!

And then there's game night!!!

 That leads us up to the Fourth of July!!

We made red, white, and blue chocolate covered popcorn!

And to think....we're not even going on vacation this year!!!

I hope you've had a fabulous summer, too!!!

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  1. So glad you are having fun and making memories to last a lifetime--and the memories you or your child forgets won't matter, cause you will never forget how all this made you feel-----HAPPY, JOYFUL, AND PEACEFUL:)