Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Newest Passion

Back in February I took a beginning cake decorating class (Susie's Pretty Petals in Seymour).  This is my newest passion.  I have always loved to try to decorate cakes and cupcakes(try being the operative word there!)  This baking and decorating passion is where the inspiration came from for going ahead with the cake balls (well, my cousin Andrea gave me the idea, then I started looking it up and went a little crazy with them! see blog post Who Poopy on that Plate, Mommy!) and my inspiration for making the cupcakes a couple weeks ago (I had them posted on Facebook.)

I decided before Wheeler's first birthday that I wanted to make his birthday cakes (at least as long as he will let me.)  The first one was actually cupcakes put together to look like a space ship.  I don't think I did too bad for my first attempt. (Someone too one of the cupcakes before I got a picture.)

I used those same cupcake holders to make my nephew's fourth birthday cake.  I thought it was cute.

This is from my first class cake.  I didn't think it was too bad for my first attempt at a cake.

This was my final cake at the end of the class.  It had strawberry filling in it, and I really enjoyed making the flowers.  I donated it to a Relay for Life bake sale at work the next day.  I don't remember how much it brought in.

This was the Cars cake I made for my nephew's fifth birthday.

And this is the cake I made during a second cake decorating class.  I had planned to take it to my mom's work, but I dropped it before I got there (sorry mom!)

I made a Micky Mouse cake this weekend for my nephew's third birthday, and in a few weeks I will make a Buzz Lightyear cake for Wheeler's third birthday.

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