Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas (Better a few days late than never)

Just wanted to share some Christmas pics and memories. I didn't get around to this earlier this week because we just vegged! Alot! Literally! I wouldn't have left the house on Monday if my sis hadn't called and said I should go with her to take our dresses and shawls for the wedding to be pressed. On Tuesday, I would not have left the house if we hadn't NEEDED milk (well, ok, John needed milk, Wheeler and I could have done without.) I don't know if it was just the post holiday let-down, if it was being so tired, or that we just wanted to spend time at home, with each other. Even Wheeler wasn't begging to get out!  That's unusual!

We started the long weekend at Dollywood.  Wheeler loved the big lighted presents.  He ran around them like nobody's business.  We had a great time just walking around, looking at lights, and watching Wheeler ride the rides.  I love going there with my boy, he gets so excited about everything.  Each visit with him is a new adventure and I love seeing things through his eyes.  It's brings back memories of my own childhood, but also helps me to see life in a different way.

Christmas Eve we gathered at Kelli's house.  We had finger foods and visited for a while.  It was so nice to see everyone together.  It just doesn't happen often enough!

Mom, Kelli, and I

A couple of cuties!

Waiting on presents!

Mom and her brothers and sisters! Aren't they a great looking bunch?

Cody reading the Christmas story.

TRYING to wait patiently.  Believe me, before this, he was not being so nice and cute!


We woke up Christmas morning and Santa had visited!  I have to admit, though, we have to do better at this Santa thing next year.  We completely forgot the milk and cookies!  

He loved his basketball goal!

Hmmmm, this one is for Wheeler and Daddy from Santa.

Mommy totally got Daddy this year.  I had him convinced I couldn't find an XBox.

The closest Santa could come to "water shots" in the winter.

This, by far, has been the best Christmas.  Wheeler was so exited when he woke up.  We asked him if he thought Santa had been here.  His reply "Yes, I heard him." We asked what he heard, he said "I heard his boots....they sounded like REINDEER!"

When we got home Sunday night, I thought about how truly blessed we are.  John has been out of work over a year now.  We have been able to pay all the bills and take care of incidentals that have been thrown our way.  I saved all year for Christmas, and we were able to buy for others.  We are all healthy.  We have a roof over our heads.  We have more than enough food to eat.  We even have what we want.  It occurred to me that I don't know what it is like to go to bed hungry and not knowing where my next meal will come from, that I've never had to deal with any major health issues, and that we aren't even in danger of not knowing where we will lay our heads to sleep at night.  GOD IS GOOD!  We are blessed in every sense of the word.  I took some time to thank God for everything he has given us.  I hope you all did the same.

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