Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sick Day #2

I'm on my second day home with a stomach virus.  Actually, I'm close to being over it, thank goodness!  Yesterday was rough.  This morning I woke up with that headache from dehydration after the stomach virus.  After guzzling juice, water, Sprite, and taking a couple Tylenol, I think I am going to live.

Here is how we spent the gorgeous weekend.

We went to the park, twice.  Saturday we went late in the day.  It's amazing to me how big my little guy is getting.  Right before my eyes he is turning into this (mostly) sweet, (usually) caring, smart kiddo!

John wouldn't let him near me yesterday since I was sick, so he'd come to the door of the bedroom and ask, "mommy, you still sick?"  I said "yes baby, I am."  He would say back "you feel better soon mommy I love you."  Then he'd run away before daddy caught him that close to me.

This morning when he came up he came to the door again "Mommy, you still sick?" I said "yes a little" he said "You gonna be sick all the time?"  I said "no I'll be better soon."  He said "Good, I miss you."  Melt. My. Heart!  I love that kid!

Ok, I'm going to try to eat something....first time since dinner Sunday night.  Hoping all is good.

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