Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Days!

It's 10 pm and I've successfully showered and changed my pj's!  Yes, you read that right,I changed my pj's.  Such is the life on a snow day.  In fact, we all bathed and changed our pj's this evening.  I told John earlier we MUST get out of the house tomorrow!  I've been indoors since early Sunday morning, when I fell down the steps.

Do you know how much concrete can hurt the back of the head!  I now do!  I have no idea that the front steps were covered in ice.  We weren't expecting ice and snow for another 16 hours or so! Wheeler saw me fall, started hollering at John, and bless his heart, ran to get ice packs.  We called the ER, they told us what to watch out for, told me to keep ice on it, and to take it easy.  So I sat in the recliner with ice on the back of my head for the morning.  Now.  I'm sore!  All over.  And I keep finding random bruises.  I'm sure there's a doozy of a bruise on the back of my head, though you can't see it for all the hair!

There's your randomness from me.  I have no idea what we will do tomorrow, but we will do something!

If you're still snowed/iced over, watch those steps!

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