Thursday, August 4, 2011


My boy loves to rea!.  We read all the time and many different books.  He's even sat and listened to John read from The Visual History of the Modern World.  So we went to McKay's Books yesterday to get some new books.  It was the first time I had let him roam around and not stay confined to the stroller.  He had a ball picking out books.  He thought he was such a big boy because he could reach books up high.

In the end he picked out some Curious George and Clifford books.  (Mommy also brought home some Dr. Seuss books that we didn't have.)

He thought the glass elevator was so cool and we had to ride it.

And this was on the way home when we were stopped in traffic because he wanted me to take it.

What a stinker!  We had fun reading our books once we got home.  I pray this love of reading he has continues forever!

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  1. What a cutie! Good for him, liking to read so much!