Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life Without Internet

Life without internet stinks.  Our internet went out Monday afternoon.  We've been having all kinds of trouble with the DSL lately, so at first we weren't too concerned.  The next day I called AT&T and they scheduled someone to come out on Wednesday.  Well, long story short, we finally got internet back tonight.

I knew I relied on the world wide web a little much, but let me tell you, not being able to check my email, my favorite blogs, or just be nosy on Facebook just about killed me!  I hated it so much, that I took the laptop to Toyota Knoxville yesterday when I had to have some work done on the Sequoia in hopes of wifi access (which they had!!!!) so I could answer some emails and be my nosy self!

I honestly wonder how in the world I got along 10 years ago without all this technology, and I wonder where the technology will be in another 10 years.

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