Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Being Mommy

It's hard to believe we celebrated Wheeler's 3rd birthday yesterday.  Everyone says it, but seriously....where did the time go.  While trying to cherish every moment possible in our busy lives, it has all flown by so quickly.  It seems the time waiting for your little one's arrival goes soooooooo slow, even though you're busy with doctor appointments, getting the nursery ready, registering, showers, and the like.  Then when your little one arrives, time flies!!!!

I barely remember holding Wheeler for the first time.  He was five hours old before I got to hold him.  When he was born he was running a fever and they had to whisk him off to the nursery for antibiotics and to check him out. I knew he would be fine.  I knew the hospital should have started me on an IV antibiotic the night before when I came in and my water was leaking. They had made the decision to wait for my doctor the next morning, unless I progressed. After he was whisked away, I had some minor complications.  Nothing major.  I just couldn't hold him for a while.

John says this is one of his favorite pictures of me and Wheeler, when I finally got to hold him at about two in the morning.

I do remember six in the morning when the nurses brought him to me.  I remember thinking "Oh wow! He's really mine!"

We've had some great moments together over the past three years.

some not so great hair days

visiting friends
making new friends  

 hanging with Grammy and Jacob

hanging with mom

taking baths

dressing up (yes I will get mommy for this one day!)

playing outside

with daddy

my new Jeep

with mommy

with my cousins

Spending the holidays with family
Christmas with Mommy and Daddy at Fantasy of Trees
cooking with mom

My first surgery

 dressing up

going to the circus

 and I  love playing in the snow!!!!

My life has changed so much, as I know any mom's does.  I truly don't miss sleeping in, alone time, or peeing by myself.  I love the snuggles, the "I love you's" and the kisses.  I live to see his smile each day and feel his little arms wrapped around my neck.  All too soon this will all be over.   I cherish every moment with him and thank God everyday for allowing me the privilege of being his mommy.

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  1. You are so right!!! I still miss those little arms around my neck--guess that is why I still teach nursery age Sunday school class. Love those little ones!!