Saturday, April 14, 2012

A to Z "L"

L is for ladybugs and spiders and snails, oh my!

Wheeler is in the insect stage. He loves looking at bugs (and stomping them when he finds them!) It's so interesting and tons of fun having a little boy around. For Christmas he got some safari gear for catching and hunting bugs. For Easter he got a bug sucker (not sure what else to call it) that will suck a bug up into a specimen cup with a magnifier on one end. He gets so excited when he finds a bug. He will look a it, tell me about it, and dump it out and squish it.

We have been talking about how insects help us. We talk about catch and release.

Little day he found a worm. He stepped on it, as he usually does. John and I hollered not to step on it as he was lifting his foot, but he did anyway. We talked about how the worm was one of God's creatures and worms are important. He picked up the worm, petted it and say "I sorry little worm. I take care of you. I put you right here and I come back tomorrow to see you." He put the worm on an anthill. Needless to say, the worm wasn't there the next day.


  1. Oh dear--you're raising a murderer. And he looks so cute. I hope your words of reason get through to the little guy. Keep blogging!

  2. Robbie is so into bugs right now too! he was very excited Friday when he caught a lady bug!