Monday, April 30, 2012

A to Z "X"

X marks the spot! X is the only letter Wheeler can consistently identify right now. And it's only because of Jake and the Neverland Pirates that he can identify it. We now make X's with everything.....pencils, cracker sticks, our fingers and legs. I love it! I love the spontaneous learning. Wheeler isn't really interested in sitting and learning letters and numbers. He's all about rough play, bugs, and the like. It only slightly bothers me he doesn't know the letters. I think for him it's more important he be a kid. He learns so much through his play. He knows what a specimen cup is (for collecting bugs!!!) He can name planets and other objects in our solar system. He recites his favorite books and "reads" the Bible to us. I look forward to more spontaneous learning moments, like when we find that "x marks the spot!"

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