Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Bucket List Update

Needless to say, after this summer, we are exhausted!  But in an absolutely wonderful way.  Sure, summer's not over yet, but I go back to work in two weeks.  We are still working through the Summer Bucket List, but here is an update.

Peach and Apple Picking 

Wheeler found his new "buddy" on a peach.  I convinced him since we didn't have anything to bring it home in, that she had to stay.

Picking Pole

Aunt Kelli picking from the top.


Showing sister his apples.

Zoo Days

We've gone to the zoo a couple of times now.
Splash Pad!

All three of them together were *almost* 12 feet long!

See the turtle!

These signs tickled me!

The boys got a kick out of the monkeys!!!

They were a hoot telling each other where we should go next on the map!

Sister is always just along for the ride!


This was so much fun!  We plan to take the boys back in the fall.

Tram ride to the top!  The kids loved it!

There was an animal exhibit.

We were pretty close to the bears.


Water ride!!!

He loved the swings!

His first game of putt putt looked more like pool.  He would push the ball.

With Aunt Kelli

The Maze!  What a pain!  If you like a good puzzle then this is for you.  You had to go through and find all the letters in MAZE and punch the card.  Of course the boys couldn't get it on their own, so I went in.  It was tough!  But this is not my kind of thing, either.

Daniel punching his card.

The summer isn't over just yet.  We are still going to try to fit in a few more things off the Bucket List before August 14th, my first official day back to work.  Time sure flies, though!

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