Monday, July 15, 2013

How Caroline Does Food

With Wheeler, I made all of his baby food, except for the prunes.   I made it because I wanted to, not because I felt like commercially made food was bad or anything.  I enjoyed coming up with new combinations for him.  In the beginning, I think he had a huge repertoire of foods he would eat, I don't know what happened, though.  Now, it's not that there are foods he doesn't like, I call him a moody eater (unlike his father, who is a picky eater!)  Luckily he is at the point that he will try pretty much everything I ask him to try.

I planned on making Caroline's baby food all along, as well.  Life is getting in the way.  I kept saying "oh when school is out, she will be six months old, I will have moe time."  Ha!  Have you been following along this summer?  I have crammed this summer with so many fun activities, there has been no time for making food.  We have improvised.

Back in June, we started with avocado.

She wasn't sure about it at first.  I mashed up a little bit for her.

Brother got in on the action.

About five minutes after she finished eating, it ALL came back up.  We waited a couple of days and tried again, only this time, I just chunked it really small.

I put it on her tray, she played with it, but didn't try to put any in her mouth.  I used a spoon and my finger to give her some.  I was surprised at how she immediately began to gum it she she did so well mashing it with her gums.  She loved it.

A few days later I cooked carrot and cut it into tiny pieces.  I figured since it worked so well with the avocado that we might as well try other foods.

Carrots were a hit as well.  Next was applesauce.  I don't make it.  I have made it, and it was delish, but for the money and time, I don't make it.

She loves her applesauce.  But now that I put some oatmeal in it, she loves it even more!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that it was time to introduce the prunes.  We need the regularity, if you know what I mean.  Again, she loves them. 

In fact, I've yet to give her anything that she doesn't love.  So far she's had peaches and sweet potato, in tiny chunks, and peas, as well as all of the above.  We've been putting oatmeal in the applesauce and prunes for a little extra texture.  She will now pick up the pieces, and at least aim for her mouth.  She only hits her mouth about a third of the time.

I've tried not to stress.  We've been having so much fun this summer that I have needed this to be easy.  I am trying to decide what to do about food when school starts back next month.  She won't be in full time care, but I want it to be easy on the sitter we are lining up for Mondays and Fridays.  I have the ice cube trays and steamer ready to go if the urge to make and freeze some food hits me.

I'm so glad she has not been a picky eater.  So far.

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