Saturday, July 20, 2013


Some things I'm loving right now.

I love when Wheeler hollers at me from the next room: Wheeler- hey mom! Me- what bubby? Wheeler: I love you! {heart melts}

I love when Caroline snuggles up close as she's falling asleep.

I love my little family.

I love spending the day with my mom, aunt, and sister.

I love hearing the thunder outside and seeing the lightning.

I've loved all the time Wheeler and I have spent together this summer.  This has been a memorable summer for me, I hope it has been for Wheeler as well.

I love that Caroline is about to take off crawling.

I love all the things Wheeler knows.  He's a little sponge!

I love my husband, how he worries about our future, and is working hard to ensure the future is wonderful for us all.

I'm loving these Jamberry nail colors I've been looking at (yes, that ones a bit random considering the rest of this list!)

I'm feeling incredibly blessed.

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